PeNN HiLLS arts And music education

Our Mission Statement:

PHAME - Penn Hills Arts and Music Education Foundation exists to provide support and funding for a comprehensive education in Music, Theater, Dance and the Visual Arts  for Penn Hills School District students.  The mission of PHAME is to encourage and broaden support for the arts both within the school district and the community so our young people will be inspired and prepared for a lifetime of creativity and artistic expression, as well as fostering appreciation and support of all the arts.

Our Vision Statement:

Our deepest desire is to provide more challenging, updated courses, supplies and resources so that our Arts faculty can provide greater training for the students in our community.

Our vision is to:

•Create an Arts Hall of PHAME

•Produce brochures featuring programs and success stories of our students.

•Aid and assist the school district with purchases needed for all the Arts programs.

•Provide additional summer programs and camps for the Arts.

•Provide scholarships for students planning a career in the Arts.

•Provide seed money for a Director of  Fine Arts.

•Integrate the Arts into the Community.